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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Follow Up From Earlier Postings

A handful of people were able to identify Blondie Moses in the photo below, but just two people, Mayme Rachuig Hause (SLHS '47) and Richard Norman (DHS '62), mentioned her granddaughter Nancy's (DHS '70) name.  You need a sharp eye and good memory to identify the people in these photos.

I got the following message from John Pirtle.

The blowup with Tom James in it may have a profile picture of me in the upper right hand corner.  I was 16 at the time and remember the occasion. The big ears and hair look like mine.  Also the pretty woman in front of Mrs. Boyer may be Mrs. Friend.  I can remember the faces but can't call up the names of several in the picture. 

I have fond memories of your grandfather when I was on the graveyard shift running and cursing the old brown sugar liner and box maker.  His secret trick allowed us to finish eight hours work in six and crawl up on the boxes and nap. He was the mechanic at that time.
Dorothy Trout Mason lived next door to us when I was a kid.  She was one of the first WAVES, did her basic training at Smith.  She met and married Carrington Mason who was the mentor of the man who turned Houston Natural Gas into Enron.  I never heard the story that she was Forrestal's secretary. She met Carrington in DC so it is possible.

Liked seeing the old pictures and I remember the layout of the town quite well.

I've highlighted John Pirtle in the photo.

I've noted the woman John thinks may be Mrs. Friend.

Here's a larger version of the entire image - maybe other people will be identifiable.
I wanted to add more about Dorothy Trout Mason, whom John has mentioned already.  I'm with John regarding her war work.  She may have worked in the Secretary of the Navy's office, but I can't pinpoint that.  However, here are some photos.

Here's photo of Dorothy as a high school student.

Another photo of Dorothy as a high school student.  I think that's Norma Hockersmith on the left.

 Dorothy Trout Mason during WWII.
Here is her listing on Find-a-Grave.  As you can see on her head stone, she was a Lieutenant in the US Navy.

Cindy Anderson and her aunt, Marte Vickers, identified Cindy's grandfather, Bill Garnoski, in two photos.   

My aunt, Marte Vickers, asked that I send this information to you regarding the names of people you didn't know in some of your pictures.  In the picture with Tom James & The Helmcamps, the man with the white hat standing behind Tom James to the right is my grandfather, Bill Garnoski.  He is also in the picture at the awards banquet standing between Mr. Louviere and the other man.  The woman in the 1980's picture with the cap on her head is Juanita Facemeyer.

Juanita Facemeyer, identified by Cindy Anderson/Marte Vickers and Leon Anhaiser.
And, I got help completing identifications in the group photo with W. H. Louviere, Sr. at an Imperial Awards Banquet.

In the picture with Mr. Louviere,the two ladies are Left to right, my Aunt Millie Hauerland and my Mother Mary Hauerland.  (Marjorie H. Polasek)

Horace Lemke is on the far right.  (Leon Anhaiser)

My thanks to everyone for helping with ids.  We don't want to lose the identity of people in these historic photos.