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Monday, June 2, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

The first 3 photos come from the first annual Imperial Sugar Company and Sugarland Industries Employee Banquet held in November 1947.  The location is the refinery yard behind the old Mercantile Store, approximately where the large warehouse stands today.  The first image is the entire photograph.  The second, third, and fourth are magnified areas where I recognized people in the crowd.  It was amusing to see my father in there.

These next photos show Imperial employees from the 1980s, I think.  The only one I recognize is Donald Brooks, who worked in the Power Plant.  If you recognize anyone, send me names, so I can identify them.

Donald Brooks
I like the aesthetic qualities of this next photograph.  Unfortunately, I don't have a date or names.
I should know the people in this last photo, but the only one I can identify is W. H. Louviere, Sr.  I assume it was taken in the mid 1950s at an Imperial employee awards banquet.  Any help on ids?