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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wheeler, Johnson & Senior Shoot 12-Foot Alligator in Oyster Creek


  1. Ahhha, Buddy had a fine pair of really pointed-toe, roach-stompers made from his share of that gator....and, a belt, too, I think. He kept those rolled up scraps in his closet for years. I can't recall what finally became of 'em....they just might be in a box somewhere in the garage!

    The first day of school, in September, 1963, I walked into the lobby of the old UTDB in the Medical Center, nervously anticipating what the next two years of my education would bring (and scared silly being in the Big City!). There was a gathering of returning students circling this guy and intently listening to a story he was telling. My roommate was a second year student, and she recognized most in the group - pointing out and naming them. As we got closer, I could hear bits of his graphic descriptions of an "all-night alligator hunt", and showing off his spankin' new 'gator boots. I remember thinking......this guy's a big ole blowhard!! Yep, it was Buddy Wheeler......and, the rest is history!!!

    Thanks for the memories, Chuck!!
    p.s. I luv your blog.....it's now Bookmarked!

  2. I got an email note from Daniel Stavinoha saying he remembers seeing this record gator. He and his family lived at the Prykl Hotel behind the Sugar Land Clinic. Buddy and his friends stopped at the clinic as they headed to the Imperial Sugar truck weighing station in West Sugar Land.