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Monday, June 16, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

Paul Martin during football practice at Kempner Field in November 1950.
Some of you may have heard that Paul John Martin (SLHS '52) died recently.  Click here to view an obituary.  Our best goes to the extended Martin family.

T. C. Rozelle, Jr. in 1916. (Photo from Jean Babineaux)

T. C. Rozelle, Jr. in 1969.

Undated photo.  See next image for identifications. (Photo from Jean Babineaux)

Girls in the previous image.

These next two images also come from Jean Babineaux.  They show a V-Mail message W. W. 'Dubbo' Jenkins sent to her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John McCord, while overseas in 1943.  It's dated November 28th; it's been censored; Dubbo is a SeaBee.  V-Mail was microfilmed before air shipment back to the US, where it was printed and forwarded to recipients.  The idea was to reduce the bulk of paper letters.  The US military was very eager for service personnel to exchange letters with people on the home front, so they did whatever they could to make it work.  (I think we have one my father sent to my grandparents.)

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Haas in front of their cafe (later the Red Barn) in 1948. (Photo from Jean Babineaux)

An undated photo of Sugar Land's own Huck Finn, better known as Bud Jenkins. (Photo from Jean Babineaux)

I like his retro tennis shoes.

"Peas! Beans! Okra! Squash! Can We Beat 'Em?! Yes by Gosh!"  (My mother tells me that was an old Sugar Land High football yell back in the dark ages, about the time when the next photo was taken.)

My mother, Sally Rachuig Kelly, on Freshman Tacky Day at SLHS in 1945.  She hasn't seen this yet.  (Photo from Mayme Rachuig Hause)