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Sunday, June 29, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

I got a note from Betty Sue Douglas Lubajosky (SLHS '49) recently.  She told me that Harry McBride (SLHS '49) is struggling with memory loss now, and old photos help his recollection.  I'm glad they have a therapeutic effect for him.  Here are a few more to help him remember the old days.

Harry McBride about 1932/33. (From the Buddy Blair Family Scrapbook)
Harry McBride as a high school sophomore in 1947.
Harry McBride's parents in the mid 1960s. (From the Buddy Blair Family Scrapbook)

Harry's mother, Coco McBride, in the 1960s. (From the Buddy Blair Family Scrapbook)

Here are three photos of Mrs. Boyer's kindergarten class from 1957/58.  My brother Bruce and other members of the 1970 Class at Dulles are in these photos.    Let's see if they recognize themselves.

Bruce's report card was in his scrapbook.  We have mine, but it wasn't in my scrapbook.  (I may have had a few red stars on mine.)

I want to thank Terrell Smith for relaying this wedding photo to me from Betty Kellis Urbanek.  It shows the wedding party at the marriage of Bonnie Draemer & Frank James on June 3, 1961. (I'm not sure of the location.)  

We've identified Al Nulisch on the far left.  That's Tom Acord on the far right.  Jon & BJ Pitts (DHS '61) provided a little more help - starting from Tom on the right and working toward the middle are Joe Scanlin, Darryl Couvillion, Robert Johnson, and the groom, Frank James.  From the left inward are Al Nulisch, Tim Husbands, & Leslie Martin.  (They can't see enough to be sure, but they think Barbara Daniels is standing in front of Al.) If anyone has some additional ids, please pass them on.