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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Belated Memorial Day Entry

Milton Strickland (DHS '66) asked me recently about a Dulles alum, Dixie Berger (DHS '65), who was killed in the Vietnam War.  Here is an earlier post about him.  I have also posted this entry about Arthur Medina (DHS '69), who died in Vietnam.

Fort Bend County has a memorial to armed forces personnel who've died in combat.  I hope to get a photo in a few days.

Here are two items I scanned in the past week.  This first one is a 1921 article about Lonnie Green, the only Sugar Land resident to die in WWI.  I noticed the article says Lonnie Green Park was to be located on the block bounded by Main, Fourth, Wood, and Fifth Streets.  Of course, the plan changed and the park was located on the north bank of Cleveland Lake next to First Street.

I found the following article in an old scrapbook, and rather than clean it up, I'll post overlapping images of the page.  I know there are men, and possibly women, who were serving in the military at the time, but weren't mentioned in the article.  I'm thinking of my father, Charles Kelly, Bill Krehmeier, Raymond Maxwell, Wayburn Hall, et al.

Morris Frank says Dorothy Trout Mason (SLHS '31) is secretary to James V. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.  I'll have to check into this.  Frank's humor relied on wild exaggeration, so I'm doubtful she was actually Forrestal's secretary, but we'll see.  I'll have more info on her soon.  [She's not the only Sugar Land woman to serve in the military during WWII.  Dorothy Schultz Gandy (SLHS '40) was a Lieutenant in the Army nursing corp.  There may be others I'm not aware of.]  Note that Gold Star families were ones who lost a member during WWII.  That's not a complete list in the article because T. J. Williams isn't included.  There may be others missing - I'll check.