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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oral Craig - Early Sugar Land Baseball Player

I found this article in a scrapbook recently.  Its date is 1921, but I don't have a definite indication of where it appeared.  I'm virtually certain it came from the Texas Commercial News, an early newspaper printed in Sugar Land.  Unfortunately, some text is missing, but there's enough to convey a good deal of Oral Craig's story.
However, I found him in the Baseball Almanac, so we can piece together what remained of his professional career.  He played until 1927.  I like the nicknames of his teams: the Longview Cannibals, the Pittsfield Hillies, the Shreveport Gassers, and the Paris Snappers.  Notice he played a year for the Houston Buffs. Click here to retrieve is stats on the Almanac.  

Apparently, the Sugar Land Blues were a state-wide powerhouse at one time.  (Note the second paragraph.)