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Thursday, April 3, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

Unfortunately, the bottom of the following photo caption is missing, but you see enough to know Al Bartolo was elected President of the Sugar Land Lions Club in June 1960.  (This article appeared in the June 25th issue of The Fort Bend Mirror.)  You also see the post office was big news back then.
I've posted the next picture before, but I wanted to show it again because you get a view of the post office when it was located in the Shopping Center between the Drug Store and the Barber Shop.  Mrs. Iiams was the postmistress back then.
 The next photo shows Nona Laperouse with a catfish she caught fishing in her backyard on Cleveland Lake.
I especially like the next two photos because they show Renny Pirtle (SLHS '41) as a half-pint sailor at his family's home on Imperial Blvd. in the late 1920s and as a USN service man 15 or so years later during WWII.

The final items are a short newspaper article about Joe 'Rabbit' Lewis, which appeared in a 1956 issue of The Fort Bend Mirror, and a photo showing Joe in 1907 working for the Sugar Land Railroad.  He's on the far left standing on the narrow-gauge engine.