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Monday, April 28, 2014

More Images of Old Sugar Land

I recently found the following article, which must have appeared in the Texas Industrial News, a weekly newspaper published in Sugar Land.  As you can see, it's dated November 1921, so construction of the first Laura Eldridge Hospital on the northeast corner of Wood and Lakeview began late that year.  We've never been precisely sure when it was built.
I've posted numerous photos of this hospital, but here's one to refresh your memory.
During the same research I found the next article on the Salvage.  Imperial and Sugarland Industries were notorious for salvaging and recycling equipment and materials.  There are stories they straightened old nails and saved them for future use.  I can believe it based on the tenor of this article.  (Click on the image to view a magnified version.  If you have trouble reading it, click here to read a version you can magnify further.)
This aerial photo shows you the location of the Salvage building.
This is the earliest image of residential construction in Mayfield Park I've found so far.
Unfortunately, this last clipping (written in May 1922) is missing some text, but it indicates how important civic appearance and public amenities were to Mr. Eldridge.  He wanted Sugar Land to look appealing, and apparently people in Houston noticed.