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Monday, April 28, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

The first item is the Sugar Land column Ida Lee Krachala wrote for The Texas Coaster.  It contained late-breaking news 63 years ago.

I can't identify the man in the next photo, but he's stacking bags of sugar in the 3-Bay Warehouse.
I can identify just one person in the next set of photos, which show residents in 'down-town' Sugar Land sometime during WWI.
Three girls frolicking on the railroad tracks by the depot.  (Actually, the are on a siding - the main track is on the other side of the depot.)
A mule cart on Brooks St. - the refinery is in the background.

Another dragster tearing down Brooks Street.
The only person I can identify in the previous photos is the girl in the white dress standing in the middle of the railroad tracks.  Her name was Rhoma Sallee Phipps Aven.  I know very little about her, but I've seen her in several pictures of the WWI era.  She is buried in the Morton Cemetery in Richmond.  I found her on Find A Grave.

I'm not exactly sure about the next photo, but I think it was taken when Highway 90A became a paved, two-lane road in 1927.  The unidentified men are probably state or county dignitaries.

Far left is W. T. Eldridge, Sr. Third from right (in sweater)  is Gus Ulrich, Sugarland Industries General Manager.  Far right is W. G. Wirtz, Sr., Industries Chief Engineer.

The final article announces a significant industry honor for W. H. Louviere, Sr., President of Imperial from 1953 to 1964 and Vice Chairman of the Imperial Board in 1967.