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Monday, April 21, 2014

More Images of Old Sugar Land

A couple of us are trying to determine when the Sugarland Industries planted the pecan orchard south of Cleveland Lake.  I'm still not sure of the date, but the following photo shows what I think are pecan trees on the south bank of the lake.  I could be completely wrong, or the annotation could be wrong.  All I can say is other photos of the area taken in the '20s don't appear to show large trees.


I think this photo of ground-breaking for the Sugar Land School gym was taken in early 1932, just a few months before W. T. Eldridge, Sr. died.  He his the man spading up some dirt.  M. R. Wood is the man in the white suit just to the left of Eldridge.  He's holding a straw hat in his left hand.  Gus Ulrich is the man in the white shirt standing in line with the telephone pole.  I think E. O. Guenther is barely visible over Eldridge's shoulder.

This is a ground view of the bridge that appears in the photos below.

I posted this aerial a couple of weeks ago.  I've blown up the right-hand side in the next photo.

In the lower left you can see three men standing in the street, watching the plane carrying the photographer pass overhead.  Also note the railroad arrangement - no crossing barrier.  And, notice Highway 90A is a crude, dirt road although the cement bridge over Oyster Creek has been constructed.  I'll post photos of the paving project next week.