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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dinky (continued)

I got a note from my aunt, Mayme Rachuig Hause (SLHS '48).  She found a picture of a train identical to the Dinky.  She suggested I confirm the picture with my mother or Tuggie Laperouse Krehmeier, who may remember it better than she does. She said Tuggie, her sister Wynnell Laperouse Roberts, and their mother rode the Dinky into Houston often. 

Train similar to 'the Dinky'

The Laperouse sisters waiting for the Dinky at the Sugar Land Depot

My aunt remembers that the Dinky ran between Houston and Victoria, rather than Houston and San Antonio as I had assumed.  A friend also said she'd read that it ran to-and-from Victoria. 

My aunt also added this: "Chuck ... a story on the Dinky. When I was in high school and dating Nelson, he could mail a letter to me (from Rosenberg) in the am, and I would get it at noon or after school. It saved on calling on the phone. My letters to him mailed in the am reached him after school. We quite often would walk to town for lunch. Almost a turn around.   Usually a malt or shake at the drug store."  (The Dinky was pretty quick with local mail, and a phone call to Rosenberg was long-distance in those days.)