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Sunday, January 26, 2014

More People Of Old Sugar Land

Mr. Robertson, HL&P lineman who serviced the Sugar Land Area.  (He appears to be standing on the east side of Wood St. in the vicinity of Kempner Field.)

Mary Alice Streich on left and Ernie Wood on the right with Mabel Greenwald on her 108th birthday.  (I don't have an exact date for the photo, but it must have been taken in the late 1970s.)

Stanley and Soapy Borowski, Dutch Albers, Bob Armstrong, Sparky Brock, and Frank Sontag as they celebrate their 40th anniversaries with Imperial Sugar in 1970.  (My thanks to Brenda Albers Miles for providing this image.)

Odell Wood, Imperial Traffic Manager, c. 1945?
Odell Wood with daughter Susan in 1938 on the steps of their home at 126 6th Street.
The Greenwalds, Vera and Greenie, with their sons, Tom, Bill, Jack, and their respective families about 1950.