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Monday, January 13, 2014

Catching Up On Old Items

When I recently posted a couple of items about Jerry Naill (DHS '64), I forgot to include a link to his Web site.  Jerry is still making music, so click the following link to hear his latest work.  (Thanks go to Mary Lee Brodecky Sebesta, one of Jerry's Dulles classmates.)

Frank Lampson (DHS '68) pointed out something special I didn't remember about May 5, 1961.  That was not only the date of the Dulles Band's Spring Concert, but it was the day NASA launched Alan Shepard into space and made him the USA's first extraterrestrial citizen.

Finally, Jon Pitts (DHS '61) noted something I said about this Imperial Crown article about the old Sugar Land Railroad.  I stated the author mistakenly referred to Highway 90A as Highway 59.  

Well, back in those days (before the freeway was extended across Fort Bend County), the segment of Highway 90A from Houston to Rosenberg was also designated as Highway 59.  I'd forgotten about this until Jon reminded me.   

A year or so ago, I wondered how we got to Victoria and other locations on Highway 59 before the freeway was created.  Then I remembered that 59 branched southward off 90A on the west side of Rosenberg where Highway 36 branched northward.  Thanks, Jon, for reminding me of this.