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Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Images Of Old Sugar Land

This aerial photo of the Humble Camp south of Sugar Land was taken on February 28, 1941.  The vertical line through the middle is Oil Field Road.  The broad, dark, horizontal stripe in the lower third is the Brazos River levee.

The following 3 photos show Oyster Creek looking northward from Lake Pointe.  (Essentially, these are reverse views of the photos shown in an earlier post.)  The date is uncertain, but I think it's the late 1950s.

The following two photos aren't good, but I wanted to post them because they show the polling location for an election in June 1966.  The old voting spot for all of Sugar Land was always the hallway of the shopping center, which you see here.  You may be able to see the sign for the beauty parlor on the right wall.  Notice there are no voting machines -- you can barley see standup counters with privacy panels against the left-hand wall.

The following photos show an event nearly 16 years later, the unveiling of a state marker for the Imperial Refinery in March 1982.  Dignitaries include Harris Kempner, I. H. 'Denny' Kempner, III and W. R. Eldridge, son of W. T. Eldridge, Sr.

There are relatively few color photos of refinery operations, but the following is one I thought particularly good from an aesthetic point of view.  I don't have a date for it.  I think they are filling a liquid sugar rail car.  The camera is pointed eastward.  The Char House is out of view on the right.