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Monday, January 13, 2014

More People Of Old Sugar Land

The following series of photos were taken in the 1967/68 school year.  They show Dulles High School's Junior Achievement group at the old Imperial Refinery's Machine Shop (I think) Dulles High School Shop, as they fabricated the product they eventually sold.  I'm certain I can find out more about this, including a good description of the product.

Ruben Guerrero(?)

Cathy Louviere on left with back to camera.

From right to left: Carol Bowen, Charlie Tise, Pam Tise, unidentified, and Dorothy Macek on the left.

George Lasher on far left and Cathy Louviere on far right - others unidentified.

Left to right: Wayne Mayhood, Jane Hanna(?), and Larry Smith.

Dianne Allen far left, Cathy Louviere far right, and Daniel Stavinoha and Ramona Holt in the center background.

Mariko Gomez(?) left foreground, Wayne Mayhood left back ground, Dianne Allen left background, Ramona Holt and Daniel Stavinoha far right.

Unidentified boy at the grinder with George Lasher left and Wayne Mahood right observing.

Dorothy Macek left, Pam Tise center, and Carol Bowen right.
E. V. 'Sparky' Brock - 1960s.

Pansy Vaculik (?) - 1960s.

David Armstrong - 1957.

Bob Laperouse & Bill Louviere, Sr. with Imperial employees displaying safety award - 1960s.

Christmas Party - 1960s.

A. H. Weth, Imperial's Chief Engineer - 1960s.

The following series of photos show Sugar Land residents receiving Albert Sabin's oral polio vaccine in the early 1960s.  I recall this initiative, but I'm a little vague on details.  I believe it was free to the public.  They had various sites open on various dates.  I recall my family went to Alief on a Sunday afternoon to pop our sugar cubes.  That's the significance of the photos of the Imperial station wagon.  Imperial must have donated the sugar cubes which were doused with the vaccine.  As Mary Poppins says, "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down ..."

Mary Little is sitting at the registration table.

That's the Roland Rodriguez family lining up for their sugar cubes.

Dorothy Gandy is in the left background.

That looks like Bob Sheppard doing a 'bottoms up.'
Imperial Crown - August 1957.
Imperial Crown - August 1957.


  1. In photo #9, Wayne Mayhood is the "boy at the grinder" with the goggles, print shirt, and cuffed sleeves. He is also the boy on the far right in photo # 5. These photos are actually taken at the Dulles High School shop building which still stands today at the Dulles Avenue campus. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    1. That does look like the Dulles High shop. However, since the last renovation it looks different now.

  2. Unidentified girl in picture #10 is Dorothy Macek!