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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Couple of Old TV Beer Ads

Does anyone else remember these beer ads? I do. I think Hamm's was a late-comer to our market. It seems like I first saw these ads in the early 1960s. Lone Star, Falstaff, Schlitz, and Jax owned the market back in the '50s.

Speaking of Jax Beer, here's a commercial I remember pretty well. Mike Nichols and Elaine May wrote and performed it. They used the same skit for other regional beers. As I recall, they did several different animated commercials for Jax.


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  2. These ads are great. My recollection is that the Hamm's Beer ad may have aired during the sportscast during the 10 pm news.

    I distinctly remember these Jax Beer ads airing during the 6 pm newscast on KPRC. We tended to have the TV going during our dinner time at the table, so my Dad could catch the news of the day. We seemed to be faithful to Ray Miller's newscast each evening. I remember by father thought these ads were very clever.