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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Needville Game Program, 1949 Season

I found this program in J. B. Kachinski's scrapbook, which he lent me so I could scan it. I took a quick glance at this program and was overjoyed because it came from the '49 football season. It's the earliest example of a Gator program that I've come across. I did notice that W. H. Bailey was listed as the coach, but I thought it must be a mistake. I had lots of other things to scan, so I moved on.

A little later I looked at it more closely. I noticed some of the boys on the Sugar Land roster weighed less than 100 lbs. Some didn't have numbers, and Kenneth Hall is listed as a reserve. Then I noticed the opponents were the Little Jay Birds! The home team is listed as the Little Gators! The penny finally dropped, and I realized it was a Junior Varsity/Junior High game.

Many, many thanks to J. B. for letting me scan the contents of his scrapbook. There is lots of good stuff in it.