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Monday, November 30, 2009

Venetian Estates & Alkire Lake in 1940s & Early 1950s

Many thanks to B.I. Webb for sending me these items. He drew from memory the layout of Venetian Estates and Alkire Lake in the 1940s & '50s. He spent a lot of time hunting and fishing in 'The Marsh,' so he knew it pretty well. He also sent me hunting & fishing pictures from his scrapbook. I've included two showing prime fishing spots in what is now Venetian Estates. The third picture shows Pete Coburn with ducks he and B.I. shot (probably in The Marsh although I'm not certain).

I'm just old enough to remember hunting in that area. By the mid-to-late '50s much of the area had been drained, I think. I recall it was mostly dry land with a few ponds, but maybe it was dry due to lack of rain. I also remember hunting near what was then called, 'KPRC Road.' Of course, it's Eldridge Boulevard now.

The first picture below shows area #18 in the diagram during winter time. The second shows B.I. boating in the same spot during the summer. The third picture shows Pete in the Webb's backyard on 4th Street. I wonder if they shot more than the legal limit?