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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sugar Land vs Orchard Game Program, 1950

This isn't the earliest varsity game program I have. I have images of the program for the first game of the '50 season, which Magnolia hosted and won 30 - 0. It doesn't have color graphics, so I chose this one because it does have color graphics and the Orchard game was played in Sugar Land. The Gators had launched themselves on a winning streak by the time they won this game 26 - 0 late in the '50 season.

Notice the Orchard roster. All the players have Czech surnames, unless Chalupa is an Hispanic name. I wonder if the Sugar Land Hruzeks were related to the Orchard Hruzeks.

I found this program in J. B. Kachinski's scrapbook, which he let me scan.