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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

General Mercantile Staff, 1930s

I'm not precisely sure where I got this scan, or the date of the photograph, but this picture shows the staff of the General Mercantile Store sometime in the early 1930s. (That's my best guess based on the staff's clothes.) I recognize Ted Harman, W. T. Matlage, L. J. Formigue and Myrtle Dunkerly Stabler. Maybe someone else can help with the others.

(Update) Jackie James has identified E. O. Guenther. He's the fifth person from the left in the second row. (He's wearing a very light colored suit.) The man on his right is Ted Harman. I recognized him when I first saw this picture. I've checked another picture, and I think the man kneeling in the first row on the far-left is Paul Schumann.

The location is the first floor of the store. It looks like the grocery counter is on the right and the dry goods department is on the left. As someone has pointed out, the grocery counter was NOT self-service. Customers asked a clerk behind the counter for an item and he/she would get it off the self, or pour it out of a container, or dip it out of a barrel, etc. If the item was on a high shelf, the clerk used a 'grabber-on-a-stick' to get it.