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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1st & 2nd Grade Pictures of Dulles Class of '60

The Rozelle family photo collection contains photographs of the first graduating class of Dulles High School, i.e. the Class of 1960. Of course they show only the Sugar Land contingent of that class, but I wanted to post these photos because the Class of '60 is a significant link between SLHS and DHS.

The photos show them in the 1st & 2nd grades. I assume there were other 1st & 2nd grade classes for which T. C. did not have photos, because some key people are missing. I could be wrong. Maybe some children were sick the day the photos were taken. Maybe their families moved into town later.

First Grade Photo (1948/9 School Year)

Second Grade Photo (1949/50 School Year) with Annotations on Back

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  1. First Grade Photo (1948/9 School Year)
    First Row; Third from left - Darryl Couvillion