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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Room 1 at Sugar Land Elementary

Here is a picture Betty Ann Jenkins Williams (DHS '71) sent me. I'm not sure of the year, but it was taken sometime in the mid '70s
. It shows Betty Ann in front of the first room in the first circle just before it was demolished. Maxene Gary was my first grade teacher. Our room was the 4th one on the west side of the semi-circle.

I had a brief encounter with Room 1. One day in the spring of 1956 Sugar Land Elementary invited kindergarten-aged children (who'd matriculate into 1st grade in the fall) to visit for a day. I was put in Room 1. Mrs. Brown was the teacher. I sat at a table with Tommy Laird (DHS '67) and David Neal (DHS '67). Even though Mrs. Brown had the reputation of a witch, Tommy and David seemed to get away with a lot. (Maybe that day was unique.) They showed me how to throw blobs of clay upward, so they'd stick on the high ceiling of the school room. I looked up and there were dozens of clay blobs on the ceiling. You had to throw them pretty hard to make them stick up there. They were probably still there when the room was demolished 20 years later.