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Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Houston Television Schedule for Thursday, July 12, 1962

From TV Guide, Southeast Texas Edition.
Note the difference in ABC's daytime
schedule vs. CBS and NBC's.

KPRC Ch. 2 (NBC)

7 AM Today (John Chancellor)
9 AM Say When
9:30 Play Your Hunch (COLOR)
10 AM Price Is Right (Cullen) (COLOR)
10:30 Concentration
11 AM Your First Impression (COLOR)
11:30 Truth Or Consequences
11:55 NBC News--Ray Scherer
12 N Topper
12:30 Highway Patrol
1 PM Jan Murray (COLOR)
1:25 NBC News--Floyd Kalber
1:30 Loretta Young
2 PM Young Dr. Malone
2:30 Our Five Daughters
3 PM Make Room For Daddy
3:30 Captain Bob (pre-empts Here's Hollywood)
4 PM Dick Tracy (cartoon) (COLOR)
4:05 Movie: "The Cockeyed Miracle"
5:40 Almanac Newsreel (an event on this
day in history--I've also found this
on WKYT Lexington, KY)
5:45 Huntley-Brinkley Report (Edwin Newman
subs for David Brinkley)
6 PM News
6:10 Sports
6:15 News
6:25 Weather
6:30 Outlaws
7:30 Dr. Kildare
8:30 Hazel
9 PM Sing Along With Mitch (COLOR)
10 PM News
10:15 Weather And Sports
10:30 Tonight Show (COLOR) (Jimmy Dean hosts
this week. This is the interim between
Paar and Carson.)
12 M Consult Dr. Brothers
12:10 Debbie Drake

KUHT Ch. 8 (NET)

5:30 World Traveler
5:45 Americans At Work
6 PM What's New
6:30 Friendly Giant
6:45 Industry On Parade
7 PM Achievement
7:30 Human Rights
8 PM Your Marriage
8:30 Travel Club
9 PM Folksay
9:30 Written Word
10 PM Frontiers Of Science

KHOU Ch. 11 (CBS)

7 AM News
7:15 Mr. Caboose, Engineer
8 AM Captain Kangaroo
9 AM Calendar (Harry Reasoner)
9:30 I Love Lucy
10 AM Verdict Is Yours
10:30 Brighter Day
10:55 CBS News--Harry Reasoner
11 AM Love Of Life
11:30 Search For Tomorrow
11:45 Guiding Light
12 N News (one of the anchors is
Ron Stone, later a legend on
Ch. 2)
12:15 Lee Shepherd (women's show)
12:30 As The World Turns
1 PM Password
1:30 House Party
2 PM Millionaire (a man who detonates
bombs for a living receives the
check today)
2:30 To Tell The Truth
2:55 CBS News--Douglas Edwards
3 PM Secret Storm
3:30 Edge Of Night
4 PM Mahalia Jackson Sings
4:05 Movie: "Zanzibar"
5:30 Whirlybirds
6 PM News
6:10 Weather
6:15 CBS News (Charles Collingwood
subs for Walter Cronkite)
6:30 Accent
7 PM Frontier Circus
8 PM Men Into Space (pre-empts
8:30 Zane Grey Theater (Edward G. Robinson
and son Edward Jr. in a story of a farmer
turned bitter when his son joins the
Confederate Army.)
9 PM Nighttime Calendar (the daytime show has
a special nighttime edition, with Vivian
Vance, Bob and Ray, and Bob Keeshan)
10 PM News
10:10 Weather
10:15 Movie: "Without Warning"
12 M News

KTRK Ch. 13 (ABC)

6 AM Operation Lift
6:30 Cadet Don
7:30 News
8 AM Cadet Don continues
8:30 People Are Funny
9 AM Jack LaLanne
9:30 Movie: "Rainmakers"
11 AM Tennessee Ernie Ford
11:30 Yours For A Song
12 N Jane Wyman
12:30 Camouflage
12:55 ABC News--Alex Dreier
1 PM News
1:30 Dragnet (the '50s episodes with
Ben Alexander as Jack Webb's
2 PM Day In Court
2:30 Seven Keys
3 PM Queen For A Day
3:30 Who Do You Trust?
4 PM American Bandstand
4:30 Rocky And His Friends
5 PM Kitirik's Clubhouse (Kitirik is
KTRK spelled phonetically)
5:25 Huckleberry Hound
5:55 News, Weather, Sports
6:15 ABC News--Ron Cochran
6:30 Ozzie And Harriet
7 PM Donna Reed
7:30 Real McCoys
8 PM My Three Sons
8:30 King Of Diamonds (Broderick
Crawford's unsuccessful followup
to Highway Patrol--pre-empts The
Law And Mr. Jones.)
9 PM Untouchables
10 PM News, Weather, Sports
10:20 ABC News Final
10:30 Hong Kong
11:30 Follow That Man (syndicated title
for Man Against Crime, with Ralph