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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheap Eats & Drinks at The Dome Back in 1965

I showed this image several years ago on another Web site, but I like it so much I thought I'd bring it back. Anyone who follows the Astros and reads related bulletin boards and blogs knows that fans are unhappy that beer costs $7.50 a cup at Minute Maid Park. (That may be a good or a bad thing - but we'll leave that question aside.)

The concession prices shown below come from a program for a game played against the Mets on August 15, 1965. The Mets won 3-0. The prices are pretty amazing, but you have to remember wages and salaries weren't what they are today. I had a summer job at that time that paid $1.00 per hour, and I was very happy.

One thing I really like about the list is that Anacin is listed at the bottom. Was it for over-indulging or dispair about the team? I'll bet they don't sell any OTC medicines at Minute Maid Park. Nowadays you have to bring your own if you need it.