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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Music From The Dark Ages

I heard this first song, "Wheels" (1960) by the String-A-Longs, on a recent radio program. I vaguely recall it. A note on YouTube says the guys in the band grew up in Plainview, Texas, and their producer was Norm Petty, who worked with Buddy Holly.

Carol Park put me onto Dick Dale a couple of years ago. I'm not a big fan of surfer music, but I like Dale's fusion of Middle Eastern and surf music. (Sounds bizarre, right?) This first song doesn't have a Middle Eastern tinge. In fact, it's an update of "Pipeline" with Stevie Ray Vaughn. I'd say it gets a rating of at least a couple of chili peppers.

Here's a tame version of "Misrilou," a fusion song. Not many chili peppers for this one - well, maybe a 1/4 pepper rating due to the blond doing the twist in the foreground.