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Friday, June 5, 2009

1968 Dulles Freshman Week Skit

I don't know if they still do it, but in the old days Dulles High School had a Freshman Initiation Week. Mild hazing was okay. It seemed like marriage proposals in the middle of the school cafeteria or school courtyard were the rage in my day. Freshmen - boys and girls - wore beanies that week. The festivities culminated with a skit by the Speech & Drama Club. I don't know who wrote them, but they always involved the other schools in our UIL District. Naturally, the Dulles Vikings triumphed over them. The photos below come from the year my brother was a senior, the 1969/70 school year. (I was already in college.)

Some of the cast members are dressed like mascots from the other schools. I think the teacher in the back row is Ms. Mencik.


  1. I remember old mimiographed copies of the skit being passed down from its inception to our class of 1970. It appeared that the same skit was performed each year. We decided to break from tradition. We kept the same plot but tried to make a comedy out of it.

    For example, Betty Ann Jenkins played the character "Utah Carl" from Gulf Coast Furniture Store in Alvin. If I remember correctly, the Yellowjackets vacated Alvin in fear of the invading Vikings, and the only person left was Utah Carl, who tried to sell us furniture for the price of "nine-ninety-nine, ninety-nine".

    We, the writers, thought our skit was funny, but I don't know if the student body did.

  2. Betty Ann reminded me today that I dragged her off the stage as she sang "I'm Just a Wanderer of the Wasteland."

  3. I recall that the same skit had been around since the beginning of Dulles. The Vikings would meet each team we played and would, of course, be victorious on their way to discover Dulles High School. The fall of 1970, we added the Edna Cowboys to the teams we played, so we had to create an addition to the skit where the Vikings would come accross the Edna Cowboys. This is where the idea of using Utah Carl was born! The new addition to the skit was very well received. I remember looking down from the stage and seeing Kenneth Dinges and another coach on the floor laughing.

  4. Cool, this is from my freshman year.