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Monday, December 23, 2013

Rockwall Crushes Dulles In A Heartbreaker 7-6

We've reached the end of the story, but before we finish I want to thank Rick Kirkpatrick for letting me scan his scrapbook and use these images to tell the story of the Dulles Vikings' 1963 football season.

Here are a few pregame articles from the Houston papers.  Note that Rockwall was a 7-1/2 point favorite. Dulles was worried about Rockwall's speed. Dulles played AA football for 4 years (they advanced to AAA in 1964) and had a 30-6-2 record from '61 to '63 when they were consecutive district champs.

If you were there, I don't have to tell you how it happened.  If you weren't there, mere words can't describe it.  All you need to do is look at the last two minutes of the game film.  You'll see Dulles fans filing out of the stands onto the sidelines to swarm the field as Marc Noel grabs a last-minute, desperation pass for a touchdown and scuttles the Viking victory.   It's sort of like watching the Hindenburg disaster: "Oh, the humanity!"

Here are some post-game newspaper articles

Here are links to the game film:

Part 2 of Video of 4th Quarter. (The soundtrack has been muted since I originally posted the video.)

And, here's a link to a blog entry I posted a few years ago.  Note the comments, program, and other memorabilia.

I've found the following articles in The Dallas Morning News archive, which give the same story from the Yellow Jackets' viewpoint.

I'll have one more item about the aftermath next time, so I'll wait and wax philosophical then.