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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Palms Theater (Continued)

I thought you might be interested in some background on Monte Hale, the western movie idol posing with Ida Seitz Plokuda & Mickey Wanjura Dylla in the picture shown in last week's post.  (He had a bit part in "Giant.")

After looking closely at the photo from last week, I had to research "The Mask."  I found info at the link below.  It was a 3-D film made in Canada - that country's first horror film!  Sounds like it's pretty horrible.

I wonder if anyone else remembers "The Tingler."  It was another horror movie with a technological gimmick.  Theater operators put buzzers under random seats & set them off at suspenseful moments in the film.  I remember seeing "The Mask" and wearing the disposable 3-D 'glasses' with red & green lenses.  I'm pretty sure I saw "The Tingler," but I don't recall the buzzers.  (Notice that the trailer is available on IMDb, if you need a reminder.)