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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aerial Photos from Early 1980s

(Update) Terrell Smith sent me this note: "Those photos were taken by Lloyd Koenig, he owned a photography studio in Houston & was originally part owner of the Texas Brisket & Parts store building. Mark Schuman was the person who scanned those photos."

Terrell Smith gave me some high-resolution photos he got from Mark Schumann.  Mark got them from a friend - possibly Mickey Wanjura Dylla's son.  (I'm not sure.)  Regardless, they are great photos.  I was living in San Antonio at that time, so I don't remember the construction underway then.

Terrell walked me through some of the photos, so I could point out locations of the old 7-11, Dairy Queen & Ice House.

Many thanks to Terrell & Mark for sharing these photos.  All the photos except the ones I annotated with overlays are high resolution.  You can zoom in for a better view.