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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SLHS Class of 1939

A few days ago a neighbor brought my mother some pictures she'd received from a friend who'd died recently.  Unfortunately, I don't have the woman's name, but her parents were Alvin Kadlecek (SLHS '39) & Miriam Buckner (SLHS '41).  I'll try to get her name & update this post.

She had several pictures and pieces of memorabilia.  Here is a picture of her father's class.  I've never seen this before.  Old timers may recognize several faces: Herb Shelton, Chuzzy Jenkins, Mary Stevens Norton, & Velah Rister.  I recognize others by their names: Paul Glasgow, Otto Hrncir, Bennie Varnau, W. D. Boyer, Frank Usrey, & Alfred Tarver.