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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SLHS Class of '41 Graduates 70 Years Ago

Here's another couple of photos from the Kadlecek-Bruckner family archive.  The first one shows the class's collected pictures.  These were the only official school photos before Sugar Land High began publishing the Gator yearbook in 1947.  These class photos hung in the old auditorium for many, many years.

I recognize several people in the group: Muffet Guenther, Betty & Catherine Friend, Robert Schumann, Marie Muehr, Lillian Urban & Jack Ulrich.  I recognize the names of several others: Jane Webb, Rennie Pirtle, & Dorris Fenn.

Notice they've made a typo on Miriam Buckner's name.  Her daughter (now deceased) provided this photo.

This next photo shows their commencement ceremony at Kempner Field on the evening of May 28th, 1941.  I have a very similar photo which I haven't been able to identify until now.  The other photo shows a graduation ceremony, but from a different year, I think.

The stand in the photo below looks like it's located in the south end zone.  The other photo show a similar stand in front of the east stands, I think.  Anyway, here's the photo from the commencement ceremony that occurred 70 years ago.

Here is an invitation to the commencement exercises.

Here's a program.