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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visco News, April, 1956

I'm sorry I don't have a higher resolution scan of these clips. If you're interested in reading them, you may have to get a magnifying glass.

They come from the Visco (Nalco) employee newsletter of April, 1956. It included a history of the company. I've scanned just a few paragraphs of the history in the first image. It says that Visco had a lot of problems in its early years with patents and legal issues. They had a plant in Houston, but the City objected to the sulphuric odors produced by their operation, so they moved out to Sugar Land. Old-timers know all about that.

The issue included a photo of Visco as it looked in 1956, which you see in the second scan. There were articles about John McCord and Albert Henry, long-time employees at the Sugar Land plant. By the way, Visco had another plant in California. Company headquarters were in Houston. (Visco was a division of Nalco.)