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Monday, July 4, 2011

August Chernosky's Garden

Earlier pictures of Oyster Creek Drive spurred interest in the gardens that lined the east bank of the Creek near the intersection with Highway 90A. This is the area where Bayview now intersects the Highway, roughly where The Imperial Inn once stood. As I recall, the garden plots began just south of Buddy Wheeler's former offices & stretched farther south over land that's now occupied by houses. These weren't small gardens; they were fairly large, as you'll see.

I wish I could remember all the people who grew vegetables there, but I know one of the Binford brothers had a garden, as did August Chernosky & the Wheeler family.

(Update) I received this note from Mark Schumann. Many thanks for the info: "Another person who had a big garden on Oyster Creek Drive was Louis Mutina. The Mutinas lived across the street from us on Sixth Street, and whenever it was harvest time and they had a bumper crop, some of his kids would carry vegetables in a wagon and sell them to the neighbors."

Terrell Smith sent me the following photo which appeared in the Fort Bend Mirror published on June 20, 1968. August Chernosky had quite a potato crop. Terrell said August told him the ground there was very loose & fertile, which is not surprising since silt dredged out of the Creek was pumped on that spot on at least one occasion, I think.