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Sunday, July 31, 2011

M. R. Wood's Brochure, "How Sugar Is Made"

I found this brochure in T. C. Rozelle's archive. It's not dated, but Imperial must have produced it in the 1920s. It's not short, but if you're interested in the basic steps in sugar refining, you'll want to skim it. I don't think the general scheme changed all that much over the years, even though technical improvements were incorporated in the refinery.

Leon Anhaiser identified the granulators in a picture I posted a few weeks ago. Wood mentions them in the brochure. I wouldn't doubt they are the same ones operating at the time he wrote it.

An interesting point about Mr. Wood - I've seen him mentioned as the chief engineer at Imperial, but he must have been head of the lab/chemistry department. too. He seems to have been a jack-of-all-trades. Kempner and Eldridge appear to have relied on him quite a bit.