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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sugar Land Street & School Names

I thought I'd post pictures of people after whom well-known streets & schools are named. The City of Sugar Land Web site has a page on street names. Click here.

Eldridge Road

William T. Eldridge, Sr., General Manager of Imperial Sugar Company from 1908 -1932 (photo taken c. 1925)

Jess Pirtle Boulevard

Jess Pirtle, engineer & surveyor for Sugarland Industries & founding alderman of the City of Sugar Land in 1959 (photo taken with son Rennie c. 1924)

Ulrich Street

Gus Ulrich, General Manager of Sugarland Industries 1919-1947 (photo taken in mid-1940s )

Marcario Garcia Middle School

Marcario Garcia, Medal of Honor Winner WWII (photo taken with President Truman in 1945)

M. R. Wood Alternative Education Center School

M. R. Wood, Plant Superintendent of Imperial Sugar Refinery (photo date unknown)

Brooks Street

Captain William McCan Brooks, chief of tennant farming, Sugarland Industries 1914-1932 (photo date unknown)