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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sugar Land Elementary Photos

There's a Facebook group devoted to Lakeview Elementary.  I've stretched their scope a bit to show photos of elementary schools preceding Lakeview.  

The first photo shows the school that existed before the Lakeview campus was created in 1918.  This one-room school was located at the northwest corner of Wood and 2nd St. Old timers know the house now on that lot as the M. R. Wood home.


The next photo shows the Sugar Land Elementary School's first grade class in 1925 1931. My father, C. E. Kelly, Jr., is the boy standing at the far left on the back row. 

1925 1931 first graders.

School buses looked a lot like armored cars in the old days.
An undated photo (probably 1930s or '40s) of a Sugar Land school bus.

The next photo shows the Hispanic School located on Ulrich St., just north of the new bridge over Oyster Creek.  I don't know the exact dates when the school operated, but I think it was still in operation into the 1950s.  My understanding is that it was bi-lingual and encompassed the first through fourth grades.

This building also served as headquarters for the Freeman Post of the American Legion before the current building was constructed in the late 1960s.
An undated of the Hispanic School in Mayfield Park.

The next image is of the Lakeview cafeteria when construction was completed in 1953.


The next photo comes from the Fort Bend Mirror and takes the biggest stretch. Although these boys aren't shown at Lakeview Elementary, I'm certain most, if not all, of them were students there.