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Monday, January 25, 2016

More People of Old Sugar Land

I've selected some images of Imperial employees who worked in the Packing Department.  If you look at the 1928 map of Sugar Land included in this same collection of blog posts, you'll see where the Packing Department was located.  It's labeled as the 'old warehouse' near Notation #2.

(Click on image to view album.)

I've also prepared an album of photos from The Log, Sugar Land Junior High's yearbook published in 1961.  The Vavrecka family donated it to the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation recently.  (Thank you, Janice Hartman.)

I'll post more of this yearbook in the future.  This time I've focused on the Dulles Class of '65, who were 8th graders back in '61.

I also want to point out the two photos at the end of the album.  The first shows a magnification of a building on the campus. (The one at the far right of the photo.)  Coach John Allen taught me 7th grade science in that building.  It was in use for quite a while.

My brother has suggested it was the two-room school house at Wood and 2nd St., which preceded the Lakeview campus constructed in 1918.  I think he may be right.  A few windows may have been added in later years, but the general appearance is the same IMO.