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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More People of Old Sugar Land

Old Sugar Land High School published a student newspaper called The Alligator Splash.  (The school's mascot was an alligator.  Their colors were green & white.)  Our family scrapbook had a copy of the February 6, 1942 issue, which you can view by clicking on the image below.

I noticed a few things.  First, a front-page article says my father had a pretty good night against Beasley in the last game of the 1942 season.  (Maybe that's why my grandmother kept this issue.)  Another front-page article says Ronald Miller (a third grader) won a contest and got to meet Gene Autry who was headlining the Houston Rodeo.  I recall asking Ron about this a few years ago.  I think he said he has a vague recollection of meeting Autry, but his dominant memory is of the fancy cowboy outfit he (Ron) got to wear on the big occasion.  (I may have this wrong, or confused with another story I've heard.)

On page two you'll see a short essay by Wayburn Hall (SLHS '43) on Patriotism.  In a couple of years Wayburn would be a Marine in the South Pacific.  In 1945 he would participate in the Battle for Okinawa.  (In a year my father would be in the US Navy, and in 1945 he would be at Okinawa, too.)
I want to thank Mark Schumann (DHS '76) for sharing the following photos of his Uncle Max Schumann, Jr. (SLHS '40).  Max Schumann was born in 1922 and died in 2012.  As you'll see in some of the photos, he grew up on 4th Street.
Max on left with brother Herbert around 1923.
Max in the center with brothers William on left and Robert on right with the family cows which were pastured about where 7th St. is today.  (I presume they are standing in or near 4th St.)

Max and Robert on 4th St. sometime during WWII.

Max and wife Hilda with Max's step-mother Hattie in the center. (They are standing in their yard on 4th St.)

Max during WWII.

Max and Hilda in later years.