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Thursday, July 30, 2015

More on the Pryor/Schumann House

I want to thank Jimmy Lingenfelter for posting on Facebook the following photos he took of the Schumann house in 2008.  (You'll recall I had an item about this house in my previous posts.)


I posted this photo from the 1940s or '50s a couple of weeks ago.

1940s or '50s

I included this higher-altitude aerial photo from 1953 showing the house's relative location to Central Unit 1.


I also posted this photo from the Texas Prison Museum showing what they believe is the same house in the late 19th century.  (It comes from the Pryor family, who resided in a house in that location during the Imperial Prison Farm era.)

Texas Prison Museum
Jimmy pointed out the general structure is all wrong, and I thought so too when I first saw this photo.  But then I noticed it was a possible fit if I flipped the photo horizontally, as shown here.  (I've seen a surprising number of old photos that were printed in the wrong orientation.)

Old photo flipped horizontally.

I'll admit it's not an exact match.  If they are the same house, there was certainly extensive remodeling.   No doubt I'll have to talk with my friends at the Texas Prison Museum to resolve this conundrum.