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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More People of Old Sugar Land

Why are older brothers shorter than younger brothers?

Wayne Boehm (SLHS '55) & Jerry Boehm (SLHS 59) at the 2015 Brock family reunion.
Thank you, Stephanie Youngblood Wilson (DHS '65), for sending me the following set of photos.  They connected some dots for me.

Stephanie's mother, Barbara Ann Dreier, on the left with her sister (Stephanie's aunt), Betty Lou Dreier at Barbara's graduation from SLHS in 1938.  (It appears they are in a yard on the north side of  Lakeview Drive.)

Barbara Ann Dreier Youngblood in her SLHS pep squad uniform.

L to R: Muffet Guenther Gideon (SLHS '41), Mary Norton Shelton (SLHS '39), and Barbara Ann Dreier Youngblood (SLHS '38) on Brooks Street in 1940.

The 1937/38 SLHS Girls Tennis Team.  L to R: (front row) Anna Belle Richardson Friddle, Jean Lee Davidson Wynne, (second row) Dorothy Schultz Gandy, Barbara Ann Dreier Youngblood, Mary Norton Shelton, MayDoll Douglas Stokes, Mary Gene Logan and Viola Boehm Stapelfeldt, (back row) Elizabeth Gentry and Blanche Boehm Prikryl.

H. L. Dreier in his back garden.

Etna Schindler, Stephanie's aunt and long-time Sugar Land telephone operator, in 1940

These next two photos are rather timely since the Class of '65 at Dulles High School will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

L to R: Carol Ann Waldrop, Joyce Foitik, Carol Jean Alaminsky, and Betty ? in 1956 when they were in the 3rd or 4th grade.

Mrs. Boyer's kindergarten in 1953. We can identify Bruce Edwards, Jr., Janie Wheeler, Susie Kuykendall, and Stephanie, but the others are a problem.  Any help?