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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Recent News and Updates

Since my last postings, I've received several items of sad news.  First, long-time Sugar Land resident, Eileen Alaminsky, passed away recently.  Click here to read an interview she and husband Lawrence did for the Brookside newsletter a few years agoClick here to view Eileen's obituary.

My thanks to Carla Daniels Meuth and Scotty Hightower Bass for notifying me that Monte Allen (DHS '66) died recently.

I want to thank Joe Bishop for letting me know that long-time Imperial employee, Bill Gordon, died recently.

My sincerest condolences go to the Alaminskys, Allens, and Gordons during their time of bereavement.  

I have another bit of bad news.  Frances Koon & Charlie Tise (both SLHS '48) lost their home and many of their personal possessions in the flooding that struck Central Texas recently.  They've lived in Wimberly near the banks of the Blanco River since Charlie retired in 2000.  Flood waters swept away their home and automobiles.  All of us who know them wish them a very speedy recovery.

Now for some updates.  Thank you, Bobby Borowski (SLHS '59) for identifying Darryl Couvillion, Kenneth Boettcher, and himself in the photo at the top right, which shows them at the 1954 Imperial Awards Banquets at the Shopping Center.

Thank you, Jackie James (SLHS '57) for identifying Evelyn Garnoski Harris (SLHS '54) and Virginia McFadden as the County Fair Queen candidates in this photo.

And I want to thank Bobby Borowski, Leon Anhaiser (SLHS '57), Travis Gandy (DHS '64), and Wayne Boehm (SLHS '55) for identifying Soapy and Stanley Borowski in the lower left of the following photo.  I certainly knew those men, but I don't remember them as being that young!

Thank you, Travis Gandy, for identifying F. H. 'Grandpa' Brock (bow tie) with his son Sparky in the middle right photo above.

We're almost finished: Wayne Boehm identified Jessie Hill (father of Bertha Hill Meloy, SLHS '57) in the following photo with Mr. Louis Bourg on the right.  They are shown working in the Pan House. 
Jessie Hill on the left and Louis Bourg on the right.

Wayne has also identified Bo Vogelsang and Nyla Baker (both SLHS '54) in the following photo.

Thanks, Wayne.