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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Old Sugar Land Youngsters

Anyone recognize this member of the Class of '67 at Dulles?
Minor Miners well before they moved to Sugar Land.  [I assume that's Mike (DHS '69) on the right in the back.  Looks like they were born into a Longhorn family.]
Rozelle House on 3rd St. about 1940.  Monnye Smith Rozelle on front steps.  Carolyn McCord Williams, John Lee McCord, Monnye Alice McCord, Johnnie Beth Linnenberg, and Jean McCord Babineaux getting inspected before walking to church. (Thanks, Jean McCord Babineaux.)
Ryan Kelly (Clements HS '93) and Lauren Kelly Arnold (Clements HS '96) in the early 1980s. (Thanks, Ryan.)

This next photo is a stretch (not really Sugar Land), but it was too good to pass up.  I have almost no photos from Willowridge HS.  This one comes from an early '80s yearbook.