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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Few More People of Old Sugar Land

My brother suggests the following photo shows an early Cinco de Mayo parade.  It's hard to make any definite decision, but that seems plausible.  There's no date, but I know it's post-1925 because I can see the Char House fire escape in the background on the left.  That means they are headed west on Sugar Land St. (now Kempner St.) right in front of the Char House.  (There's a band in the first truck.)

Until I spoke with D. C. Pickett a few month's ago, I didn't know that Charles Thomas had died.  I searched for an obituary, but couldn't find one.  Here's a photo of Charles (on the left) at an event for Sugar Land's Little League, probably in the 1980s.  I'm not sure who the other men are.  Some of you may know Charles from his years as a teacher & coach in FBISD.  I'm sorry I missed his passing.

I have posted several photos in the past of the 1927/28 opening of Highway 90A.  Click here to view the photos.  I found the following one which shows County Commissioner (and Imperial engineer) I. G. Wirtz, Sr. (left) with two other men as the paving project is underway.  I can't determine the location, but that appears to be a very large cement mixer used to pour concrete in sections of the road.  (Note the metal form.)
I want to thank Jean McCord Babineaux for the following photo of the extended Smith-Rozelle-Jenkins-McCord family.  I don't have an exact date, but I'll bet it was taken in the 1950s.  The location is the front yard of the John & Hattie Lee McCord home on South Belknap.

I have a connection by marriage to this clan.  The woman on the far-right is my great aunt, Mae Kelly Smith, sister of my grandfather, Charles E. Kelly, Sr.  (I'm shocked at how much they resembled each other.)

From left: John McCord, Hattie Lee Smith McCord, Minnie Smith Jenkins, William Smith, 'Dubbo' Jenkins, Livian Smith Stowell, Monnye Smith Rozelle, Walter Smith, & Mae Kelly Smith.