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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One More Picture from Walter Buehring's Archive

I downloaded this picture and brightened it a little.  With a little help from the Viking yearbook I think I've identified everyone but the boy and the girl on the far right: Linda Vaccaro, Donna Tarver, mystery man, Bunnye Buehring, and mystery girl.  This must be a prom picture, but that's a guess.

(Update) As you can see by Walt's comment, the girl on the left is Leslie Weber, not Linda Vaccaro.  He says it's a photo from a piano recital.  Many thanks for the update, Walt. 

(Update) Walt's big sister says that's Brenda Weber, not her sister Leslie. (See Cindy's comment below.)



  1. Hi Chuck. On the left is Leslie Weber. Can't help with the others but I know this was a piano recital.

  2. No, the girl on the left is Leslie's older sister BRENDA Weber, who was my best friend and classmate. I was in that recital too, so I don't know where I was when this photo was taken!! I don't know who that boy is either. ~Cindy Buehring Gustin