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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sybil Fowler's Brief Paper on the Ellis Plantation

T. C. Rozelle collected several short research papers by local historians covering various topics.  Syb Fowler wrote this one on the Ellis Plantation.  I don't know the date she wrote it.  Actually, I don't know when Mrs. Fowler died; probably, sometime in the 1970s or early '80s.

Notice a couple of things she says in the last paragraphs.  First, the Ellis plantation home moved to the tiny community of Imperial, Texas (on the south bank of Oyster Creek opposite Constellation Park) before eventually moving into Sugar Land (next to the refinery) in 1909.  T. C. made a note in his files that the move from Imperial, Texas (about 3 miles) required teams of oxen using 40 logs as rollers. I presume the Eldridge family lived in the home when it was sited at Imperial, Texas.  
Ellis Plantation Home next to Imperial Refinery.  Served as W. T. Eldridge family home til 1929.
Second, notice that she lists occupants after the Eldridges moved from the plantation home to their 'modern' home at the east end of Lakeview in 1929.  The Albritton family took over the home in 1931 and ran it as a cafe-boarding house until 1962/3.  I regret that I never went into that home.