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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sugar Land Elementary School Playground, 1959/60

Linda Hagler Mosk lent me these pictures several years ago. They were taken on the playground in the second circle in front of the gym. Apparently, my 4th grade class went on a field trip that day to the San Jacinto Monument. Linda took several pictures before we got on the buses.

The first one shows Mrs. Drew with (from left to right) Bob Munson, Pat Bowker, and Henry Mendoza.

The next one shows my 4th grade teacher, Rita Drabek. I think that is Yolanda Flores in the background. I can't tell who the boys are way in the background.

The next photo shows Janice Jenkins Girard and Marsha Krause Smith. I think they are flashing an ancient gang sign.

You can see our destination, the San Jacinto Monument with Daniel Stavinoha's back.

Here's another gang: Penny Morton, Joan Maresh Hansen, Kathy Louviere, and Yolanda Flores.

We have a few knuckleheads in this final picture. Who knows what they were up to: Sam McJunkin is choking a smiling Alec Horn, while Mitchell Hall is making an ugly face, and John Frierson chokes himself.