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Friday, May 6, 2016

Imperial Mill

Last month, some members of the Fort Bend County Historical Commission and their friends took a field trip to Galveston and visited the Rosenberg Library & Museum, the Bryan Museum, and the Galveston Historical Foundation's Architectural Salvage Warehouse.  We had a fantastic trip; I recommend it to everyone.

One of the commissioners found a book in the Rosenberg Libraries research room, which reproduced an old map of Sugar Land.  It showed the precise location of the old Imperial Mill, a sugar mill that stood on the banks of Oyster Creek across from today's Constellation Park.

Once I had a chance to look at the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation's collection of maps, I found what may be an original of the map we found in Galveston.  At some point in the future, we'd like to do an archeological dig on that site.

Note the small flag on the left with a '1' on it.  The flag designates the 1 mile mark on the old Sugar Land Railroad as measured from the refinery.  The tracks go by the old mill, allowing rail delivery of raw sugar to the refinery less than a mile away.

A full view of the 1912 map.

A magnification of the area where the old sugar mill was located.