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Friday, May 6, 2016

People of Old Sugar Land

Thank you Tommy Laird for posting the following clipping from 1970 on Facebook.  

The next photo comes from John Pirtle, who was in the same class as my mother (SLHS '49).  I don't recognize him in this photo, but I see my mother, Marjorie Hauerland Polasek, Marilyn Bourg Cheaney, Betty Sue Douglas Lubajosky, and Harry McBride.  I think they are in the 2nd grade.  You can see the old classrooms in the background.

The next photo also comes from the Pirtle family and shows John's sister Betty Pirtle McClure near the goldfish pond in front of the Char House.  I don't know the date, but my guess is the late 1940s.

Once again we have a photo from the Pirtle family.  I assume this is a photo of Rennie Pirtle's (John's older brother) first grade class.  I can't identify anyone except Miss Lima Johnson, the teacher.  I especially liked the barefoot boys.  You have a closeup of their feet and clothes in the very last image. The girls look nice, but the boys seem a little dusty and ragged.