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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

News & Updates

I got a note from Dale Gandy (DHS '65) who spotted himself in the following photo, which I received from Stephanie Youngblood Wilson (DHS '65) and posted a few weeks ago.  After taking a closer look, I think I've identified two more of his classmates.  We'll see what he thinks.

I received a note from Jane Broughton Schiller about moving from Sugar Land to Missouri City.  Here's what she said:

How hard was it to go to Mo. City?  I spent the whole summer crying, Mother even took me to talk to Mr. Jones to no avail.  I was a very shy, tall and at the most unattractive age for a girl.  However as always seems to be the case, had I not changed schools chances are I would never had met JD Schiller.  We were blessed with a great marriage, better and worse, but always together for fifty- eight years.  Three years high school and fifty-five years married.

I found this photo of Jane when she was still a Sugar Lander. (Update: Oops. Looks like I confused one sister for another!)
From the 1949 Gator annual.

Donna Christopher Baker (DHS '63) and Leon Anhaiser confirmed the following photo shows Miller Christopher and Charlie Tise.

I wanted to remind you that the City of Sugar Land has posted video of the workshop where the City Council and Planning & Zoning Department considered the development of Sugar Land's Historic District.  Click here to view the video.

And, last but not least, Jackie James (SLHS '57) sent me this photo showing 'CU' on a sign for Foster Farms north of Rosenberg.  (Recall that Sugarland Industries used those initials as its cattle brand.)  

She said she and her grandson took the photo on FM 762, but I think she meant FM 723.  Next time I'm in Rosenberg, I'll drive up to the Foster area and see if I can find another sign which I think has the 'CU' brand on it.